Delta Air Lines Welcomes Beijing Officials to Atlanta: Meets with delegation to share expertise and plans to serve China in 2008

ATLANTA, Oct. 30, 2006 – Delta Air Lines extends a warm welcome to airport and government officials from Beijing who are in Atlanta this week to attend the Aviation and Airport Security Preparedness workshop, organized by CIFAL Atlanta. As the largest airline serving the Atlanta market and the Southeast from the largest airline hub in the world, Delta is playing a key role in the three-day event. Today Delta Chief Operating Officer Jim Whitehurst addressed the delegation at a luncheon, welcoming the group to Atlanta and sharing some insights into Delta’s experience with the Olympics and our global expansion plans moving forward.

“Delta was instrumental in flying millions of people safely to Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics and we are happy to be meeting with this delegation to share best practices as they prepare to host the games in 2008,” Whitehurst said.

He also discussed Delta’s plans to compete for and to serve China. “Delta is ready and anxious to serve the China market. We believe we will be very well positioned to receive next-entrant designation into this marketplace, available in 2008. Our proposed service to China from Atlanta will significantly enhance consumer benefits by providing outstanding service and numerous connecting opportunities for Chinese passengers seeking to visit the interior U.S. and Latin America.”

The Southeast is the last dramatically underserved part of the U.S. in terms of nonstop and onestop service to China. Delta stands ready to fill this void by offering the world’s first nonstop service from the Southeast via Atlanta by 2008, and is actively working with government, civic and business leaders on both continents to make it happen. This includes providing technical aviation assistance to the Chinese in the areas of air traffic services and flight routing, working with numerous Chinese organizations to lay the groundwork for a successful service launch, attending numerous conferences and workshops focused on China air service in the U.S. and assisting in establishing a consular offices for Atlanta in China.

Delta has been doing business in China since 1975 and continues to expand its presence to serve this growing market. Last month, Delta opened its third sales office in Shanghai, China. This office joins two others in supporting this marketplace, with locations in Beijing and Gaungzhou.


Source: Delta Air Lines
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