AirTran orders 24 new 737-700 aircraft

By William B. Folsom

AirTran Airways has placed firm orders for 14 new Boeing 737-700 aircraft for delivery in 2008 and exercised purchase rights for 10 more of the same aircraft type for delivery in 2010. The estimated value of the order, at list prices, is $1.3 billion.  This order completes the airline’s original decision to buy 100 aircraft placed with Boeing in 2003. The airline currently operates 26 Boeing 737-700 series aircraft and 85 Boeing 717-200 aircraft — making it the world’s largest operator of the Boeing 717 and the airline with youngest all-Boeing fleet in America.

"AirTran Airways’ long-standing partnership with The Boeing Company has enabled us to build a world-class aircraft fleet that is unparalleled in the aviation industry," commented Joe Leonard, AirTran Airways’ chairman and chief executive officer. "The Boeing 737 has set a new standard for commercial jet transport, allowing us to increase efficiency and enhance our service for the consumer."

An AirTran Boeing 717 on final approach to Dulles International Airport


AirTran Airways, is one of America’s largest low-fare airlines with 7,000professionals and operates over 600 daily flights to 50 destinations. The airline’s hub is at Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where it is the second largest carrier. AirTran Airways operates a mixed fleet of Boeing 717s and 737-700s. It took delivery of its first 737-700 in June 2004. Boeing will deliver its last new 717 to AirTran Airways in May, 2006. The airline operates 26 Boeing 737-700 airplanes and 85 Boeing 717-200 airplanes.


Source: AirTran Airways and Boeing Media.
Text & picture provided by William Folsom

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