Air Atlanta Icelandic signs Damp Lease Agreement with MK Airlines

Air Atlanta Icelandic today signed a “damp lease” agreement with MK Airlines in the UK. The Agreement is a short term agreement which has almost immediate effect and terminates in the end of January 2008. The Agreement is a new approach in Air Atlanta Icelandic’s leasing terms as it only calls for the provision of the Aircraft and Maintenance Planning (an “AM” agreement as opposed to an “ACMI”1 agreement). All crews and line maintenance will be provided by MK Airlines as well as insurance. According to Air Atlanta Icelandic’s Sales & Marketing Department “the aircraft had not been planned into wet lease production due to the already heavy burden on the production departments preparing crews and line mechanics for the Hajj and Cargo Peak Season. Therefore this seemed like a perfect opportunity to capitalize on MK’s sudden requirement” a spokesman said. The Aircraft in question, TF-ARW, will remain on Icelandic registry but will be placed on MK’s AOC2 during the lease term.

In recent months Air Atlanta Icelandic has been diversifying its business by offering a variation of the ACMI (wet leasing) service by offering alternative services limited to the “A part”, “CMI part” or “AM part” only.


Source: Air Atlanta Icelandic
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