With Skywalk MASALA moutain glider, flight makes light

Up until now, lightweight gliders just couldn’t hold to high standards when it came to durablility and everyday use. With the introduction of the skywalk MASALA, pilots don’t have to compromise any longer. The MASALA shines in the truest sense of the word, with the revolutionary new cloth, aerofabrix.

The aluminum coating applied in nano-layers protects the cloth from destructive UV rays, and this with a barely measurable increase in weight, less than a gram per square meter.

The very low total weight of the MASALA (4,3kg!) goes along with full comfort and definitive safety: „real" risers, special shackles, covered lines, reinforced attachment points, JET FLAP Technology and many more details, combine to make the MASALA a true allrounder.

And naturally you still get the typical skywalk handling as well.

The wide starting weight range of 75kg to 105kg and the extraordinarily small pack size will definately cause a pilots heart to beat faster.

Whether it’s mountain climbing, vacation or just for fun, the MASALA can do!


Source: Skywalk
Picture provided & copyrighted by Skywalk

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