skywalk steps on the gas with MOJITO,the new hybrid glider with DHV 1 and DULV certification in 4 sizes

With the MOJITO skywalk broadens its powered paragliding product range with the ‘motorrizer’-concept. The MOJITO is a wing developed from the new MESCAL2. It exhibits first class take-off behaviour and is extremely forgiving of pilot error.

Thanks to skywalks ‘High Stability Concept’ and the proven JET FLAP technology, the MOJITO offers enormous safety reserves.
Risers equipped with trimmers give you easy access to a large speed range.

skywalks chosen profile and geometry maximises the resistance to the torque effect. Pilots are immediately comfortable with the intuitive handling of the MOJITO. 

The MOJITO is a true hybrid - equally at home under power or in free flight,thanks to its MESCAL2 roots.
Unlike other models which requires the risers to be changed, the MOJITO (like the SCOTCH) simply requires adjustment of the brakes and selection of the hang-point position.

skywalk recommends the MOJITO to beginners in paramotoring and also those pilots who only fly occasionally under power. Thanks to the efficient canopy and the low-drag line configuration, the MOJITO delivers high performance and excellent fuel economy. Available in four sizes S,M,L and XL covering take-off weights from 75 to 180 kg.


Source: skywalk
Picture provided & copyrighted by skywalk

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