skywalk presents STOL glider SCOTCH-M

A motorglider with perfect take-off behaviour, good speed, high stability, high performance, both in hang take-off and thermalling as well as in powered paragliding - mission impossible? Impossible is possible: The SCOTCH M proves himself being more than an allrounder: DHV 1-2 up to 110 kg and DULV certification up to 130 kg. SCOTCH can do!

The basis of this wing was our high end 1-2 glider CHILI, that showed excellent motor behaviour during its development. Its only natural that also the SCOTCH is well suitable for mountain flying, excellent handling and highest speed.

JET FLAP technology makes the SCOTCH a so called STOL motorwing. STOL means Short Take Off and Landing. As a result of this, Skywalks Arne Wehrlin could manage to come in first at German PPG cup in category short take off. This is especially remarkable as it was his first motor competition ever!

Source: skywalk
Picture provided & copyrighted by skywalk

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