Ozone presents the 6907 glider

The 6907 was a long time coming… Many of you are familiar with the long history that Ozone has in acro paragliding. From the Octane and Proton GT to the limited release of the Mutant, 69 and then 6905 prototypes, we’ve always had an acro glider in the works. However, we now have one that does it all, and does it well. The 6907 is now Ozone’s official ‘Acro’ wing, and is a direct result of the past 4 years of testing on countless prototypes. As many of you know, it’s not easy to create a wing that tumbles as well as it helis, has good pendulum characteristics for loops and wingovers, and is still large enough to be considered a real paraglider.

Our aim was to create a wing that performs all of the tricks perfectly, and easily enough for most experienced acro pilots. Also, we wanted it to be stable and efficient enough to thermal in real conditions comfortably. We think that we have now accomplished all of these things.

Here’s the best part: the 6907 is now available for experienced acro pilots. However, experience is the key word. The 6907 is load tested, but not DHV certified, and is meant to be only for pilots who fly regularly and have years of acro experience. If you are interested and feel that you might qualify, contact your local Ozone distributor.

The two new color schemes shown at right are now available. Whatever glider you choose to fly this season, enjoy it and remember that it’s all about the pleasure that flying gives us, and nothing else!

Source: Ozone
Pictures provided & copyrighted by www.flyozone.com

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