Newest S-LSA is an Amphibian: Sport Aircraft Works’ Mermaid

It’s official: The FAA has granted Special (factory-assembled) Light Sport Aircraft certified status to the newest amphibious airplane in the world, the Mermaid, distributed by Sport Aircraft Works. When the prototype debuted at Sun ’n Fun in 2004, the all-metal Mermaid was the star of the show; it has gathered well over 100 orders since then. With S-LSA certification, this breakthrough machine can now be delivered ready-to-fly, used for flight training and building time, and flown solo by Sport Pilot license holders.

“We’re stopping work and popping the champagne cork right now,” said Danny Defelici, president of SAW and a design team member, late Wednesday afternoon. “We’ve been producing for customers all along, and by the end of the month, our first five customers will see their deliveries.”

The Mermaid is both conventional and modern, with its traditional materials and all-new design. This true flying boat carries two people and a lot of baggage at well over 100 mph, for over 500 miles, all the while in spacious comfort, and all the while with the safety that only an amphibious aircraft can offer: the ability to operate from land or water.

Designed and built by Czech Aircraft Works of Stare Mesto, Czech Republic, the Mermaid is made of US-sourced materials and hardware, making repairs and inspections routine for thousands of aircraft mechanics. The design optimizes the new Light Sport Aircraft rules, which encourage new pilots to start flying, and invites retired pilots to come back to flight: the machines are simple, practical, and modern, and the flight rules are uncomplicated. Under Sport Pilot (technically, “LSA”) rules, many who only dreamed of flying can now afford to get pilots’ licenses, and build air time toward additional qualifications.

“For the price of a premium SUV,” Defelici said, “a person who has never flown before can have a brand-new airplane and a license.” With a policy that is unique in the industry, Sport Aircraft Works offers a free Sport Pilot’s course to customers. (Pilots who already have their licenses receive free training, to qualify in their new machines.)

Sport Aircraft Works offers three all-new LSA aircraft: the Mermaid amphibian, the (already S-LSA certified) Parrot touring machine, and the super-affordable SportCruiser LSA, from its headquarters in Palm City, Florida, where it also provides flight training, builder assistance (SAW also provides the aircraft in quick-build kits), and parts and technical support.


For further information, please contact:

Sport Aircraft Works, L.L.C.
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