Murphy aircraft to Sell RENEGADE Aircraft Line of Business

Chilliwack, BC:  The Murphy Renegade, the agile and predictable biplane designed by Darryl Murphy and built by over 800 customers of Murphy Aircraft, is up for sale. “It’s the first [commercial] airplane I did”, said Darryl Murphy, “and I still consider it one of the best-flying, and it is still the most fun to fly.” The Renegade can be built as a single-place or two-place, tandem machine with engines from the two-stroke Rotax 447, 503, and 582 through four-strokes like the 80hp Rotax 912, the 100hp 912S, and the 110hp Rotech 2800 radial. Structure is aluminum tubing and fabric, for a light, strong design. “I like it because it’s easy to make a light, strong truss, and that’s basically what a biplane is,” said Murphy.

Murphy is selling the design, the rights, calculations, manuals, and customer lists. All the parts business for the existing fleet of some 800 aircraft will also be included. Hardware includes “enough extrusions for maybe 50 airplanes,” plus the extrusion die drawings, all fixtures, molds, tooling, and a considerable spare parts inventory. The parts business continues to be strong, and the kits have been selling at the rate of “8-12 a year, pretty steadily – and I haven’t been promoting the Renegade for years,” said Murphy.

“I don’t want any customers to lose out, so we will continue supplying to our customers until the Renegade is sold,” Murphy added, pointing out that all six of his other current designs are sheetmetal, and the Renegade, being tube, extrusions, and fabric, does not fit well in the current manufacturing scenario, which is expanding farther into parts supply for certified airplanes and helicopters. 

Murphy Aircraft will continue to support the Renegade builders and parts business until the proper buyer is contracted, and Darryl Murphy is willing to continue for a limited time as a consultant, to help the new owners have a smooth takeover.

The Murphy Renegade is a 51%, Experimental, Owner-Built aircraft under FAA regulations; in Canada, it can be an Advanced Ultralight or an Experimental; and in Europe, it is classed as a microlight. Similar classifications exist worldwide.

Buyers worldwide are encouraged to examine this opportunity. For further information about the complete Renegade sale, principals please contact Darryl Murphy at [email protected]


Source: Murphy Aircraft MFG, LTD
Picture provided and copyrighted by Murphy Aircraft MFG, LTD

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