LISA Airplanes presents its objectives for 2008

LISA Airplanes arose from an observation. The aviation of the 21st century will not look like that of the previous century. In front of the emergence of new needs of movements, the requirement of comfort and security, and the world environmental stakes, LISA Airplanes began to position as a major actor of aircraft manufacturing. On the basis of innovative technologies, Erick Herzberger and Luc Bernole, both co-founders of the company, create a new market segment. Through its two programs of aircrafts, the AKOYA and the Hy-Bird, LISA Airplanes brings an original solution: offering a range of products and services adapted to clean and up-market leisure aviation.

A promising development
The year 2007 highlights the development of the AKOYA project. Attending 6 shows, around 100 000 visitors were able to discover the prototype of this Multi-Access ultra-light plane and to meet the members of the team of LISA Airplanes. The fulfillment of this presentation was materialized on August 22nd, 2007 by the maiden flight of the AKOYA. The interest of press and media was translated by more than 200 appearances. And the first orders have already started.

By presenting Lisa Airplanes’ project to EASY, the European Forum of Business Angels, at Helsinki in Finland last July, the President Erick Herzberger also raised the enthusiasm. A new European investor made his entrance to the Directory of the company and allowed to realize a thorough levying of 1,2M€ in the 1st quarter 2008.

Commercial and technical objectives for 2008
In the continuity of its development, LISA Airplanes sets up for year 2008 the consolidation of her commercial strategy and prepares the 1st stage of technical development of the Hy-Bird project.

Consolidation of the commercial strategy
LISA Airplanes chose to privilege a strong presence on aeronautics, luxury and environmental shows, in France and abroad. By leaning on new offers of the AKOYA and the Hy-Bird, our team will present the advantages reserved for members of the LISA WORLD CLUB.

LISA Airplanes’ Shows 2008:

  • EUR-AVIA : 2nd – 4th May, Cannes, France
  • EBACE : 20th – 22nd May, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Green Paris Air Show : 20th – 22nd June, Le Bourget, France
  • Solar Event : 27th – 29th June, Savoie Technolac, Le Bourget du Lac, France 
  • Monaco Yacht Show : 24th – 27th September, Monaco
  • Middle East Business Aviation : 16th – 18th November, Dubai, UAE

Launch of the 1st stage of technical development of the Hy-Bird
Lisa Airplanes decided to assert its innovation capacities and its sustainable mobility approach by developing the Hy-Bird project. Conceived on the basis of the AKOYA, the Hy-Bird is its electric evolution working by means of solar energy via batteries and hydrogen via a fuel cell. Worried of decreasing the energy consumption in flight, LISA Airplanes pays a particular attention on the aerodynamics of its devices. Besides, the use of composite materials allows the realization of an ultra-light structure in the fluid forms. The Hy-Bird prototype release from LISA Airplanes’ assembly hall is planned for the end of 2008.


Source: Lisa Airplanes
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