Fantasy Air Allegro Light-Sport Aircraft announces major change in door design

Sanford NC / August 23, 2007 — Fantasy Air USA is pleased to announce another enhancement to the Allegro Light Sport Plane.  This new enhancement is a standard feature on the Allegro. The new bubble door is composite wrapped providing an additional three inches to the width for a forty six inch wide cockpit. The sleek styling of the installation elevates the look of the factory built aircraft. With locking door entry for both passenger and pilot doors, convenience and security is ensured.

Headset holders have been added in the top of the cockpit, too. The cloth and Velcro straps can be pushed to the center of the cockpit, so the passenger or pilot has an unobstructed entry.

Fantasy Air USA Light Sport Training School is situated about 30 miles south west of Raleigh, North Carolina. Traditional as well as accelerated training is available with a number of Certified Flight Instructors that call Fantasy Air USA home. Fantasy Air USA’s home field of Sanford-Lee County Regional Airport (TTA in North Carolina. The non-towered airport is about 6 years old with a 6500’ paved runway and a modern FBO with onsite testing services

To learn more about the Allegro as a training aircraft or for personal recreational flying, visit Fantasy Air USA headquarters in Sanford North Carolina; call 919-775-2224; e-mail: [email protected], or visit http://www.FantasyAirUSA.com.

Source: Fantasy Air Allegro Light-Sport Aircraft
Picture provided and copyrighted by Fantasy Air Allegro Light-Sport Aircraft

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