El Yelmo Festival turns to the pilots on its 8th edition

The oldest and most popular Festival devoted to flight in Spain will be dedicated this year to those who more colours give to Andalusia’s skies, the paragliders. Consequently, it will be an event with a free registration for pilots and companions, and packed with films, activities and shows. Held in Cortijos Nuevos (Sierra de Segura, Jaen), on July 13 to 15, it will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy the most visual and fun side of flight, at a privileged location.


The VIII International Air Festival of El Yelmo (FIA) comes with live music at takeoff and landing, facilities at the LZ like harness testers or folding area for gliders, a zip-line for testing parachute deployments, workshops and talks, and a program of acrobatic shows with some of the best pilots of the world: The SAT team, the Red Bull BASE-jump team, Ramon Morillas (acro paramotor), The Renegades, and the Air Force aerobatic squads, among others. Additionally, there will be daily briefings with the weather forecast and security information. Paramotor pilots will also have their place in the Festival, with a PPG field where a ‘free-style’ circuit will be set and the expert pilots of the Spanish Team will display their abilities in low-level flight while they compete for an interesting prize. Companions will enjoy special activities for them, like tandem flights with experienced pilots selected by the FIA, and various games and activities for children.

One of the main meeting points for pilots and public will surely be the commercial Fair installed in an air-conditioned area –perfect for the high temperatures of Andalusia- where the latest products offered by dealers and manufacturers will be on display. A small projection room will be open during the day there, to show some of the films competing in the Air Cinema festival. Aerial films are still one of the central axes of this Festival, and so the best productions of this edition will be screened every night on the main stage, in an open-air cinema under the stars. After the films, the ‘FIA nights’ will be taken to a party mood by special artists, with one big surprise being the exceptional paraglider pilot and Paramotor world-record holder Ramon Morillas, who will reveal his less-known talent as a singer, on Friday night. The bands Booga Club, Eskorzo and several DJs will complete the program for two long nights full of music and dancing.


Source: Air Festival of El Yelmo
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