Alpha 4 certified for paramotoring

The DULV (German Ultralight Association) has cleared the Alpha 4 for paramotor flight. Convertible risers with trimmers are now available.

Exceptionally straightforward takeoff characteristics and a high degree of passive safety make the Alpha 4 particularly suitable for motor gliding. The Smart Sail System and the wing’s UV resistance extend the life of the glider as well - factors that should not be overlooked by paramotor pilots. The DULV has recently certified the Alpha 4 sizes 25, 28, and 31 for powered flight, and convertible risers with trimmers, which can also be used without a motor, are available straightaway.

The popularity of paramotoring continues to gain ground, particularly in flatland areas. We are delighted to be able to respond to this increasing demand with another glider to follow the Epsilon 5. Because of their flying qualities ADVANCE wings have actually been paramotoring for some time. Ramon Morillas from Spain has already won several world paramotoring titles for ADVANCE, and that of World Champion in China this year was the most recent. Morillas holds the world altitude record at 6102 m above sea level, and the world distance record of 1,101 km, both with ADVANCE gliders.

Source: Advance
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