Airwave world champions again!

Congratulations to Matjaz Feraric for his first place at the "Paragliding Accuracy World Championships" flying an Airwave WAVE and to Rafael Kerin for his second place on a SPORT.


Airwave gliders are designed to handle very well at slow speeds with good handling at low speeds and plenty of warning before the stall. The stall speed of the Wave is exceptionally low at just 20km/h. These forgiving flying characteristics are exactly the features that make the Wave an extremely good glider both for low airtime pilots as well as for professionals in accuracy flying.
In addition to pilots flying Airwave gliders getting first and second places at the World Championships, AIRWAVE gliders are also ranked first and second place in the PAWC (Paragliding Accuracy World Cup).
Airwave would like to congratulations all pilots for their excellent achievements.


Source: Airwave
Picture provided & copyrighted by Airwave

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