100 horsepower dynamic recieves type approval from CAA - dynamic faster than most of GA fleet, at a fraction or the cost

The Yeoman Light Aircraft Company is delighted to announce that it has secured Type Approval from the UK Civil Aviation Authority for the 100HP Rotax 912-ULS powered Dynamic microlight. With this announcement, the Dynamic becomes the fastest UK production microlight, beating the previous holder of this title – the Flight Design CTSW – by a full 5 knots. More significantly, the Dynamic now outperforms not only old GA types such as the PA-28 or Cessna 172, but also many of the newer designs including the Liberty XL2 and Aquila A210. YLAC managing director Nick Marley commented today "I am extremely proud to have achieved Type Approval for the 100HP Dynamic in an unprecedented 9 months after the original certification. Whilst none of our direct competitors currently offer any engine option, this key milestone – so soon after original Type Approval – emphatically demonstrates our commitment to continuous development of our product, and to responding to market requirements. In keeping with YLAC philosophy, rather than paring down the Dynamic to offer the 100HP variant we have actually added to it – the Dynamic’s low weight state-of-theart carbon fuselage allows a slipper clutch, airbox and ram air to be fitted as standard."

"With performance not just challenging that of GA, but actually surpassing fully two-thirds of the current UK fleet – and with a fraction of the operating costs – coupled with it increasingly winning in the key schools market – the Dynamic really is delivering on its billing as the future of personal aviation. The 100HP certification will come as a fantastic early Christmas present for the discerning UK or Irish pilot who values speed – and style."

Nick added: "As always, I am very thankful to my amazing team for their latest achievement, and I would also like to thank our colleagues at the CAA for their help and assistance with our application."

About YLAC
Founded in 2003, The Yeoman Light Aircraft Company (YLAC) sets out to bring about a revolution in personal aviation.

In recent years, newer aircraft manufacturers have begun to bring genuine innovation to general aviation in exploiting the use of composite materials and a new generation of engine technology, leaving standing those players who had dominated the industry for 50 years or more. In particular, the microlight category has come of age, demonstrating that it really is possible to square the circle of lower cost and higher performance.

YLAC’s approach is to offer the very best products made possible by these developments, whilst providing a level of support currently unheard of in the aviation sector. By considering aircraft ownership on an end-to-end basis, YLAC’s mission is to make flying as hassle-free as driving a car.

About the Dynamic

With fighter-like handling and yet microlight running costs, the Dynamic is a very attractive alternative to owners and pilots of existing old ‘Group A’ types, whilst redefining the very limited current microlight market.

Conceived in 1996, the Dynamic has been in serial production since 2000, and the original 80HP version received UK Type Approval on 2nd March 2007. There are currently 12 UK variant Dynamics completed, with a further 15 aircraft on order. The Dynamic is fast becoming the microlight of choice for flying schools, with FlyCB at Oxford Airport being one of the most recent schools to acquire this revolutionary aircraft.

Airworthiness Approval Notice (AAN) 29144 confers Type Approval upon the 100HP Dynamic, and this should be available on the CAA website (www.caa.co.uk) within the next few days. The UK variant Dynamic currently retails from £67,650 incl. VAT.


Source: The Yeoman Light Aircraft Company (YLAC)
Picture provided and copyrighted by The Yeoman Light Aircraft Company (YLAC)

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