Trends in fleet models and aircraft age: narrow-body aircraft dominate low cost sector - Age of wide-body aircraft on scheduled flights is half that of non scheduled carriers - LCCs have youngest in-service fleets

(Routes Forum, Stockholm)  OAG BACK Aviation Solutions, a division of flight information and data solutions company Official Airline Guide (OAG), has conducted an analysis of worldwide fleet data for September 2007 which reveals a significant variation in the types of aircraft operated by scheduled network carriers compared with those used by low cost and other sectors. Network carriers operating scheduled services show a combined fleet comprising 47% narrow-body aircraft, 20% turboprop, 18% wide-body jets and a further 15% regional jets.

For low cost airlines, narrow-body aircraft dominates the combined fleet, accounting for 89% of the entire global low cost sector. Among non scheduled airlines (charter carriers) turboprop aircraft account for 53% of the combined fleet with a further 34% being narrow-body. The overnight package sector (integrators) shows a broadly equal split of operational models between narrow and wide-body jets, with 41% and 49% respectively.

Fleet Split between Operational Models
OAG BACK Aviation’s analysis also determined the average age of aircraft by sector.

The average age for the wide-body jets operated by scheduled airlines is 10.7 years, which is half the average age of those operated by non-scheduled airlines (20.9 years).

Overall, low cost carriers have the youngest in-service fleets, with an average age of 7.2 years for its dominant aircraft type, narrow-body jets. In comparison, the average age for narrow-body aircraft among scheduled network carriers is 13.5 years.

Interestingly, the average age of regional jets operated by both low cost and scheduled network carriers is just 6.4 years. This is significantly lower than the average age of the regional jet fleets operated by non schedule airlines and integrators.

Average Age of In-Service Fleets

About OAG BACK Aviation Solutions
OAG BACK Aviation Solutions is a division of OAG (Official Airline Guide), a global flight information and data solutions company for the passenger aviation, air cargo logistics and business travel markets.  OAG BACK Aviation Solutions is the world leader in industry intelligence, combining OAG’s global data services and analytical solutions with BACK’s worldwide aircraft fleet, financial and traffic data and its renowned strategic consulting practice. It provides information, analysis tools and services for all four quadrants of commercial aviation: manufacturing capacity; supply; demand and performance. For more information visit www.oagdata.com and www.backaviation.com.


Source: New Century Media


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