Successful launch of the climatology Calipso satellite, integrated by Alcatel Alenia Space

Paris, April 28, 2006 - Alcatel Alenia Space announced today the successful launch of the Calipso climatology satellite, based on its Proteus platform and integrated in its French sites. The satellite was launched by a Delta 2 rocket on April 28, 2006 at 3:02 a.m. PDT from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, along with the Cloudsat satellite.

Calipso  and  Cloudsat  will  join  the  "A-Train" formation of satellites, designed to study the Earth’s climate. Calipso is the second application to use  the  Proteus  satellite platform, developed by Alcatel Alenia Space in conjunction  with  French  space  agency  CNES.  The first application, the Jason-1   oceanographic   altimetry   satellite,   celebrated   its  fourth anniversary of in-orbit service in December 2005. The Poseidon altimeter on the  Jason satellite supplies a continuous stream of essential oceanography data.

"We  are  very  proud  of  our  role  on  Calipso,  which  consolidates our increasing  involvement  in  low-orbit  climatology missions," said Patrick Mauté,  head  of optical observation and science programs at Alcatel Alenia Space.   "We  already  make  a  major  contribution  to  all  oceanography, climatology and meteorology applications through our broad-based expertise, anchored  in  two complementary areas of excellence: observation platforms, and very-high-precision microwave and optical sensors."

Patrick  Mauté  added:  "This  successful  launch  is  the  fruit  of  very productive  collaboration between Alcatel Alenia Space, CNES and NASA. This is  the  recognition  of Alcatel Alenia Space as a major player in a global climate study program."


Source: Alcatel Alenia Space
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