Navigraph is pleased to announce the introduction of an annual subscription for the FMS Data service. The subscription is valid for 13 AIRAC cycles, leaves no expiring credits, and is offered at a discount.

Today Navigraph also presents new possibilities for addon developers to incorporate updated FMS Data into their web-based applications. Through the use of Access Codes, a Navigraph user can identify themselves at websites other than to gain access to services supported by freshly updated FMS Data. First out is who uses FMS Data for route planning. Access Codes are expected to be useful for route planning services and scheduling applications hosted by virtual airlines.

Annual (13-cycle) FMS Data Package
Following requests from numerous users for an annual subscription to FMS Data, we have introduced an option to get access to a full year of FMS Data (13 cycles) for 200 Navigraph credits. This is more beneficial for users who updates navigation data on a regular basis, as the 13 cycle package carries a 60 credit (23%) discount compared to when purchasing cycles individually.

The subscription can be used until the 13th cycle (counted from the current cycle at the time of purchase), as long as the account remains - even if, at a later stage, the account balance is zero or in the event the credits expire.

To prevent the case of expiring credits a 200 credit charge option (20 EUR)  the exact amount needed for the subscription, has been introduced and is intended for users only interested in the annual subscription. Visit for more information. supports the latest AIRAC cycle using FMS Data Access Codes
Previously, updated FMS Data was only available for addon software which was installed on the user’s computer. ( pioneers Navigraph’s new way of making the latest FMS Data available to users of a web-based service - through Access Codes.

By entering an Access Code into the vroute software, the user can select to construct routes using the lastest AIRAC cycle. The procedure is simple: The Access Code is downloaded as a file from the FMS Data section of the Navigraph website (, just like any other FMS Data file, and the Access Code is then copied and pasted into a text field in the vroute software (see screenshot at A successfully entered Access Code unlocks the FMS Data in vroute and enables routes to be constructed from the lastest AIRAC cycle.

The idea behind the Access Code is that users should be able to use new FMS Data - be it a locally installed addon software or one managed from a web server. This opens up new doors for other addon developers and virtual airlines, who also would like to use new FMS Data in their applications, but manage their application centrally from a server. Are you one of them? Contact us at support{at} and we will look into your case right away.

AIRAC 0711 cycle available

Lastly, a reminder: Cycle 0711 is now available in the FMS Data section of the Navigraph website ( Apart from the support of for FMS Data updates mentioned above, in this cycle we again support the Wilco/Feelthere Airbus Series products../.


Source: Navigraph


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