navAero tBag C22 Class II EFB Granted STC on A300/310

Chicago, IL USA — the navAero tBagTMC22 has received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) as a Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag system on the A300 and A310 aircraft series. Executed by navAero in cooperation with Armstrong Engineering, this marks the 7th STC which has been issued for the navAero tBagC22 as installed Class 2 EFB hardware. The STC covers the A300-600 and A310-300 airframes and was issued on November 29, 2007. As a Class II device, the navAero t•BagTMC22 system is suitable for use during all phases of flight. Initial deployments of the tBagTMC22 for a global operator of A300/310 fleets are scheduled to begin in early Q1, 2008.

navAero spokesperson, Ken Crowhurst, stated “We are tremendously excited about being granted this STC for our Class 2 EFB system into another widely deployed aircraft series. This STC will give A300/310 operators a rugged hardware platform suitable for running the most demanding and advanced electronic charting applications and other aviation software – all of which are designed to give commercial airlines the technology that can allow them to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase their situational awareness.”

The navAero t•Bag TMC22 hardware can also be utilized for running airline-specific applications. And deployments like real-time weather services can be easily integrated as well as functions such as video surveillance, automated security, document libraries, along with a wide range of data communications applications.

navAero, Inc. is the world leader in developing and commercializing cost effective electronic flight bag products. For further information, visit the navAero website at www.navaero.com

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