NASA Makes First Appearance at Air Force Base Air Show

NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, extends its air show presence to southern Illinois at the Scott AirFest 2006 on August 12 and 13. The AirFest takes place at Scott Air Force Base, twenty miles east of St. Louis.

In line with the AirFest’s theme, "An Aviation Celebration," the theme of NASA’s exhibit will be "Leading the Second Century of Flight" and will feature a 30-foot tall inflatable space shuttle. As NASA works to expand Earth’s boundaries in the second century of flight, the space shuttle enables humans today to build the world’s largest orbiting laboratory, paving the way back to the moon, on to Mars and farther into the solar system.

Visitors will also see a variety of other attractions from Glenn as part of the exhibit, including a genuine moon rock, a space shuttle tire that was flown in space and life size images where visitors can have fun taking their photo as an astronaut or pilot.

Additionally, there will be several interactive exhibits, such as the Solar System Digital Scale that allows visitors to find out their weight on other planets and Brain Bytes where visitors learn interesting facts about space travel.

A variety of handouts will be available for visitors to take home, including the new STS-121 poster, space shuttle glider kits and bookmarks.

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Source: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
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