NASA Commercial Space Transportation Systems Workshop

CLEVELAND - NASA’s Glenn Research Center and the Ohio Aerospace Institute will cohost the second of a series of Commercial Space Transportation Workshops. The workshop will be held at the Ohio Aerospace Institute, 22800 Cedar Point Road, Brook Park, Ohio, on March 11-13. The Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio, will be participating in the workshop also.

The commercial space transportation sector is a fast growing industry with many emerging companies seeking to become providers of space services for civil, military, and commercial applications. The goal of this workshop is to work toward developing a public/private partnership approach to developing and demonstrating solutions useful to this emerging industry.

To accomplish this goal,

  • the Air Force will present its perspective on commercial space transportation
  • the participating commercial space transportation organizations will discuss their needs
  • the NASA field centers will give an overview of their capabilities relevant to those needs
  • a panel of government and industry representatives will discuss partnership experiences

NASA’s field centers are uniquely positioned to collaborate with and/or be a provider of a variety of services, including research, engineering, test and evaluation, and operations, for the commercial space transportation industry.

The Air Force Research Laboratory is a full-spectrum laboratory, responsible for planning and executing the Air Force science and technology program. It leads a worldwide government, industry and academia partnership in the discovery, development and delivery of a wide range of revolutionary technology.

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Source: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
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