Are you interested in reaching hundreds of thousands of
aviation professionals
and enthusiasts with a single ad programme?
Advertising on Skycontrol may be the solution!


Advertising Online with Skycontrol provides a unique platform for organisations and businesses to target the global aviation and aerospace community. It is a great way of maximizing the visibility of your business, products and services to either a general or highly targeted market.

The online portfolio extends across 20 sectors that include:
Aerospace, Air Sports, Airlines, Airports, Business & GA, Flight Simulators, FS hard/software, Helicopters, History, Humanitarian Relief, Industry, Jobs & Careers, Military Aviation, Model Aviation, Organisations, Photography, Reports, Service Providers, UAVs, UFOs


Why advertise with Skycontrol?

  • Solid exposure in the aviation world: If you would like to reach all the aviation community there is no better place. Your banner will be seen by thousands of aviation related, pre-qualified buyers everyday. Our international magazine receives thousands of targeted visits per day, thanks to its wide assortment of daily-refreshed news, and prime search-by-keyword positioning.
  • Superior banner management tool: Skycontrol offers a unique opportunity to promote your business, product or service. Advertising on Skycontrol is more than a simple link to your website: whatever your budget, all banners are real “eye catchers” aiming to lead the visitor to a full page advertising report dedicated to your business.
  • Targeted or general audience: Our targeting tools make sure that your advertisement is seen by the right people: your ad can either be displayed on a banner on every page of the magazine or specifically featured in one of the 20 sections of your choice. As a result, you can either reach the whole aeronautical and aerospace community or some specific target groups.
  • Newsletter advertising: we offer you the opportunity to push your message to all Skycontrol’s Newsletter subscribers, currently dispatched to more than 100,000 aviation professional and enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Custom reporting: you can measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns with our custom reporting.


What are the different advertising possibilities that are offered to you?


For an effective
& continuous
exposure in
Advertising Report in the News Section of your choice
  • Text + pictures
  • Hyperlink to your website and to your e-mail
  • Continuous display in Skycontrol:
    thanks to our Archives system your Advertising Report is not limited to a one-month period of time but remains continuously online.
 Full-page article

Your ad
to be seen by a specific targeted
Section Sponsoring

Your banner in the News Section of your choice:
  • On the bottom of the page
  • On the top of the page


468 x 60 banner
468 x 60 banner


Your ad to be seen by more than 100,000
aviation related
Newsletter Sponsoring
Your banner on Skycontrol’s Monthly Newsletter
  • On the bottom of the page
  • On the top of the page
468 x 60 banner
468 x 60 banner

Your ad
to be seen
by a general
aviation related
Top Menu Advertisement
Your banner on all Top Menus Pages
(Home, Calendar, Advertising, Contest, Communication, Aviation Shop, Partnership and Contact page)
300 x 250 banner

Your ad
to reach
the whole aviation
Full Coverage Advertisement
Your banner on every page of Skycontrol
* Display on the righthand side:
-         Positions 10
-         Positions 9 + 8 
-         Positions 7 + 6
-         Positions 5 + 4
-         Positions 3 + 2 
-    Position 1
125 x 125 banner
125 x 125 banner
125 x 125 banner
125 x 125 banner
125 x 125 banner
120 x 240 banner


Whatever the advertising possibility you opt for,
you choose for  an effective promotion plan
for your business, product or service

Click here for our full Specification Sheet
(Readership, Breakdown by Activities,
Geographical breakdown, Promotion,
Newsletter Distribution List,…)


What does Skycontrol’s Advertising Service include?

1. The complete design of your banner advertisement
    to make it as dynamic and attractive as possible.

2. A full page dedicated to your business, product or service, accessible from:

  • the advertising banner,   
  • the ad hoc section,
  • the Advertisers’ section.

This page presents your advertisement, a supporting article and your complete contact details.

3. Your banner displayed on Skycontrol’s Homepage.

4. A continuous display of your advertising article in the most appropriate News section.
Your ad will be displayed in Skycontrol during one month. However, thanks to our Archives system your advertising reports will remain online for an indeterminate period of time in the most appropriate section, making them totally accessible to the search engines for constant traffic.


Download Skycontrol’s MEDIA KIT 2007
Advertising Rates available upon request


How to get started?
Please contact us by e-mail ([email protected]), by phone (00 32 (0)477 83 52 21)
of fill in this online form. We’ll be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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For Skycontrol’s Specification Sheet, click here
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Readership 2006 (Breakdown by Activities - Geographical Breakdown)



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